Nyrstar Hobart

Nyrstar Hobart

Hobart: Tasmania

Derek Gee Installations Pty Ltd was contracted on the Nyrstar Zinc Plant in Tasmania in 2010 to line a spent tank.

In 2017, DGI worked on the refurbishment of the internal wall & floor surfaces of No. 9 Spent Tank on site in Hobart, Tasmania and in 2018 was awarded the contract for fabrication and installation of the Acid Cooling Towers. The fabrication of the Cooling Towers is being completed at our workshop in the north west of Tasmania, before being installed on site.

Project Background

Nyrstar Hobart has been around for more than 100 years and is a large-scale zinc smelter with a capacity of 285,000 tonnes, making it one of the world’s largest zinc smelters in terms of production volume.


Derek Gee Installations Pty Ltd are certified with the following Environment and Trade Qualifications

ISO 9001 Certified
ISO 45001 Certified
ISO 14001 Certified